Dr. Dias is exceptional from the onset. Moving forward addressing one's specific and unique requirements with deliberate attention whilst purposely listening to patient's Chief Complaints. Extraordinary resolves are described breaking down Treatment Plan Recommendations. Categorizing Chief Complaints, Identifying Long and Short-Term Goals. Provides detailed "hand-out" supporting documentation. Goals successfully achieved with patients' compliance with Treatment Plan Recommendations. A "team" effort.
Dr. Dias is genuinely a caring medical professional taking intentional time researching appropriate protocols. Discusses each phase clearly making sure patient understands maladies and recommendations
Personally, my experience has been outstanding, positive, and achieved Long and Short-Term goals in less time than expected. At this time, I have been a patient for 9 months. Each appointment is in-depth and comprehensive. Discovering Dr. Dias is the most constructive measure in my personal healthcare proactiveness.
Thank you, Dr. Dias, I am most grateful for everything you have done for me.


I had the opportunity to work with Candi earlier this year and she was amazing at helping me figure out my digestive issues. I have been struggling with stomach issues for about 20+ years and it was getting worse within the last year. When I first started working with Candi, she was very thorough with her evaluation. We were able to figure out that I have SIBO. Since I started the recommended regimen, my health has improved immensely. She is very professional, very knowledgeable and helpful. I highly recommend working with her.


You have really touched my heart and been such a part of my healing with my back issues and wanted you to know your name has a meaning for each letter. C-caring compassion,
A- articulate, attentive, N-nurturing and never judgmental, D-devoted, desire the best for you patient, I-involved, interested, intelligent. It is how one of your patients feels about the care you give!


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